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Crime is hitting Democrats hardest, even as they deny responsibility: "I didn't vote for this!"

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46 and the Conflict of Selves

Here’s what I wish someone had told me when I had those soul sucking corporate jobs.

Posting Frequency and My Substack Philosophy

The Return of the Bolsheviks

Balance and Longevity

Fulton County DA Fudges Case Law in the Trump RICO prosecution


What it's Like to Die

Competency Crisis Kills in Maui

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Tucker's Twitter Show and Aesthetics


Red Values, Blue Hellholes

What about Socialization? (And other homeschooling myths.)

Self-Defense is Illegal in Texas

The Trump Indictment

Will This Book Extend Your Quality of Life?

Spanking Children is Immoral and Ineffective

DeSantis Misses his Moment

Dad (or Mom) Cardio for the "I'm Too Busy" Crowd

The Fear

Explain yourselves, non-drinkers.

Wired for Scarcity

How I Cover the News

Talent, Suits, and Ego

The Regime lacks legitimacy. Maybe raw power is all it needs.

Parenting: It Always Starts with You

Real and Fake Worlds: Why the Trains are Failing

NYT Platforms Genocide, Are Conservatives Their Next Target?

How to Do Content Creation if You Care

The Right Time to Have Kids

The White Lotus and Why is there No Right Wing Art?

Hate Bot ChatGPT Shows You the Evil Within Big Tech (and Republicans Who Protect Them)

She's an 8 and Rich but Can't Date?

Why People Stopped Reading Books

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What It Takes

Ayahuasca, Demons, and Cosmic DNA.

AMA Vol. 1, 2023

$50,000,000 and the Freemium Business Model

Died Suddenly or Confirmation Bias?

Puss in Boots: You Can't Run From Yourself

Reading List Part 1. Mind and Soul.