You are correct that DeSantis missed his moment. He is my Governor and I voted for him twice. I’ve been very disappointed in him lately. He was all tough as nails until he got re-elected. Now he seems to have lost his backbone. He has missed several opportunities. Recently legislation was passed for insurance in Florida that benefitted the insurance companies. Our rates went up over 125%. He’s done nothing to help the J6 people from FL. He’s not the leader I thought he was. Plus we voted for him to be Governor for another 4 years not for president. I feel betrayed on that issue along with a lot of other Floridians.

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Domestic Policy is downstream from Foreign Policy...So I’m a Foreign Policy voter.

DeSantis is done, even playing footsy with NeoCons is an immediate “I will do nothing to help you get elected” default mode from me.

Same as when Trump hired Bolton 🙄.

I used to challenge people to “Name 3 policy differences between JEB! And Hillary?”

Now, I will ask people to “name 3 foreign policy differences between everyone not named Trump in the GOP primary”.

Cue the Jeopardy music.

DeSantis reeks of “Please Clap” vibes...

And if the Bushes don’t HATE your foreign policy...you’re wrong.

**All on the 20th anniversary of invasion of Iraq. DeSantis may have worse advisors than Trump (is that possible?🥴)

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Thanks for the analysis Mike, shared it with a bunch of buddies who otherwise probably wouldn’t read your substack. Gotta keep fighting the machine, lotta nonlinear effects for good people can be achieved that way.

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