I hate, hate, hate this article. It's truly, viscerally horrible to see spelled out, A to Z, the injustice of it, crowned with the conclusion that there's nothing we should do but stay away from it. The reason I hate this article is because it's 100% right.

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I'm speechless Mike. But internally I'm in flames and sick of the wickedness lusted after by our nation. The compendium of data to download into this comment on this very subject has ad infinitum written all over it.

The root of the matter is sin and the compromise of true Bible believing Christians going the way of Balaam. Seeking after what pleases the self rather than God, forsaking the Lord that bought them for a cultural norm to be adopted by a backslidden shepherd of the flock. Isaiah 5:20 says it all! The moment they call good, evil and evil, good our judgement has been written by God. We have sown destruction by compromising on the Word of God and forgetting our first love, Jesus Christ. He created them MALE & FEMALE.

We don't live in a quantum world where the superpositions of humans can be everything and anything all at the same time. In the end at the judgement seat it will only be binary, you'll be weighed in the balance, measured up to the Son of God as knowing Him or not knowing Him. That's it!

Good write up in that article.

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I will never live under a Democrat DA, mayor, AG, or Governor ever again.

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