Mr. Cernovich, I love your writing. I found you randomly despite having a banned Twitter account, and I have learned a lot. One of the reasons I identify with your writings is that you dont try for a mass audience, and frequently introduce niche or esoteric topics I've never thought about. I find myself doing that often with interesting subjects, for instsnce I'm reading this book on German war aims in WWI and realizing how important that Zimmerman guy was, but I dont have anyone in my social circle that cares about that topic and wants to discuss it. I dont want engagement or anything--Im not trying to make money as a writer--but I would love someone who finds the same subject interesting to reply with their own take. How do you do that with Substack or blogging in general?

Not content creation for clout or profit, but because you sincerely want to hear takes on your esoteric interests from people who also are interested. And without having to join a random society that specializes in the study of a particular topic or period.

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I tried to do TikToks, and if I worked at it and put effort into it, and built out a TikTok strategy, I know I could get good at it and grow my TikTok account to be big

The problem is that I don't care about TikTok... it feels like annoying *work*. Meanwhile Substack and Twitter feel like a pleasure rather than a chore.

I guess i should buckle down and put like an hour of work into TikTok every day. But I am just not passionate about it. So I never really put in the time to get it off the ground.

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Feels good to get some validation.

I'm the marketing director at a conservative nonprofit. I've been pushing us into short form vertical video--Reels, Tiktoks, and shorts.

We finally had a tiktok get over 600k views. And YT shorts have been great for getting followers. Huge success.

It was a risky decision in my world. Glad to see other great minds in agreement.

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A lot of the right are too embarrassed to let themselves look like they're trying to be likeable. I'd love to see Zero HP Lovecraft get his message out with a goofy voice filter and a muppet, but it's probably not going to happen

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