Thank you for this. Weinstein and Rogan talk about it at length in their recent podcast, reach pretty much the same conclusion, they wish there were some credible university research team out there attempting to establish a baseline. Weinstein's point, and mine, is that the very absence of any attempt to research this among mainstream academics is just about all you need to know about the matter. That is, they are afraid of what they'd find.

Maybe it would be easier to find a baseline of "cause of death unknown," to cover for all those deaths that public health officials might be afraid to link to vax status? I know in certain Canadian provinces, "unknown" has of late become the leading cause of death!

Big picture, as you rightly put it: credibility is dead. There is no one left to trust anymore. This entirely predictable, boy-crying-wolf result is why doctors like me were tearing our beautiful hair out at the beginning of all this, begging the public health authorities to stop lying and to stop memory-holing their lies. Remember when they kept silently editing the government's official covid vaccine "fact" page? Sigh...

There could be a silver lining though, my (and Solzhenitsyn's) case for it here:


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We know comparison against a placebo control group will never be permitted[1]. When transparency is aggressively avoided, assume the worst.

[1] https://a.co/18YCBQW

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My dad died suddenly at age 49. He was obese and had had high blood pressure. Since then americans have gotten far worse health wise. The population has grown and with it more obesity. Seed oils are killing people. To me the truth lies in the life insurance actuaries.

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A hard “we don’t know” doesn’t get the views (or conversion rate) that rage porn does. But it feels better, easier on the body. To much adrenaline in our culture? The more outraged a piece is trying to make me the less I can believe it.

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So much goes through my mind when reading about the covid vaxx. I’m somewhere between the covideans and the anti-vaxxers and as a result feel like I belong to no tribe. I know several doctors and nurses and had access to hospital data (shhhh 🤫) during the peak. Per their data at that time the overwhelming majority of covid patients hospitalized were unvaccinated. Unfortunately pharma and govt over promised in their marketing. What else are they lying about?

That said, I’m baffled how there has been such poor tracking on the effectiveness and negative side effects especially since this was rushed through approvals. In IT before we make a change to a system we come up w/ metrics to use in order to track the effectiveness of the changed component along w/ measures to ensure our change is not causing any new harm. We may even have a dashboard for transparency. I have seen none of this w/ the covid vaccines.

When I would bring up VAERS reports to my medical friends they all replied something like, “oh that’s just VAERS, anyone can log a side effect, don’t use that.” Ok, if not VAERS then where is a good source where this information resides? Shouldn’t there be one we can trust?

Cerno has been a logical voice of reason and a truth seeker throughout this whole debacle and especially after this has become one of very very very few bloggers/media ppl I trust. Thanks Cerno 🙏

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