Thank God. Now that even rich Democrats are starting to realize they have skin in the game too, maybe they'll rethink those insane luxury beliefs of theirs that are destroying our civilization.

And thanks for keeping track of all the Marxcissist public officials reaping the whirlwind they helped create!

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Dec 9, 2023·edited Dec 9, 2023

Rising crime like this is downstream from darkening demographics in America. Note the race of all the perpetrators in Cerno's examples. Yes, stricter law enforcement (currently thwarted by the Soros effect) could mitigate this slightly, temporarily, but there's a high cost to that that we the taxpayer will pay, and at the end of the day the effects of the darkening demographics will overwhelm us. As the country gets closer and closer to 50/50 black and brown, it will become more and more like Brazil.

My conclusion is that greater law enforcement, electing more Republicans, Trump coming back in office, etc etc are all simply efforts to try to plug holes in Hoover dam leaks with duct tape. Yes, they may work slightly, minimally, temporarily, but the pressure of darkening demographics in America will soon blow the damn wide open and flood everything downstream with destruction.

The only real, lasting potential solution that I have seen, the only one that addresses the root cause in a way that can be accomplished (i.e. not counting on political means) is privatized eugenics:

https://childfreebc.com/candidates/. Whites, despite only comprising 15% of global population, still controlled 2/3 of global wealth. That's $300T dollars. $150B every year goes toward political causes, with no results to show for it. Imagine if just a fraction of these large numbers would go toward CBC and privatized eugenics... Entire cities could come back to life. For example it would only take around 1 billion to sterilize all of Baltimore and bring it back to its former glory within 10 or 20 years. Same for Detroit, Memphis, Birmingham, Harlem, the list goes on and on. We know that blacks and browns have low IQ, poor future time orientation, and inability to delay gratification. So why not exploit these to our advantage? Pay them a little bit of money up front from our own pockets to undergo vasectomies and tubal ligations. The effect won't be immediate, but downstream, for our children and grandchildren, we can save the West.

CBC. I've already personally sterilized four individuals there, three young black men and one young black female. It cost me a pretty penny but a got a sense of satisfaction from that that I never have donating toward political causes. I know that I saved the world in my descendants from having to deal with 5 or 10 unwanted black children. And I donate their monthly as well. If all whites do the same, this will work, it's mathematically guaranteed. Privatized eugenics is a radioactive topic, but Cerno's never backed down from being an iconoclast before -- hopefully he can mention it on his platforms and help it gain more traction.

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"For to what purpose is it to live among a people insensible of their calamities, and where there is no notion remaining of any remedy for the miseries that are upon them?

For when you are seized upon, you bare it! And when you are beaten, you are silent! And when the people are murdered, nobody dare so much as send out a groan openly!

But why do I complain of the tyrants? Was it not you, and your sufferance of them, that have nourished them? Was it not you that overlooked those that first of all got together, for there were then but a few, and by your silence made them grow to be many?

You ought to have then prevented the first attempts, when they fell a reproaching your relations, but by neglecting that care in time, you have encouraged these wretches to plunder men."

--High Priest Aranus, Jerusalem, 69AD, a year before the destruction of the Second Temple.

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Very close friend of mine who loves living on the water in Santa Monica is moving to a man made lake in Las Vegas. All of her friends have moved and are moving.

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