This is what you get when you turbocharge the Peter Principle with DEI mandates: nothing works and nobody knows how to fix it.

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Amazon demonstrated its commitment to DIE by letting its diversity-hire pilot crash a jumbo jet. Alec Baldwin's diversity-hire armorer killed his diversity-hire cinematographer. We've all got to make sacrifices for the greater good. Sure, hundreds of children getting burned to death is tough, and we've got to suppress the gory details lest they be misused by radical extremists. Because this is the only way to prevent the next Hitler. Don't let those deplorable MAGA subhumans stand in the way of progress! No reasonable person could disagree! https://time.com/5753435/amazon-atlas-air-cargo-crash/

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Hawaii is real big on the DEI and the native Hawaiians have an average IQ in the 70s.

No first world civilization has ever been sustained below 90.

Whenever you see a false nuclear missile alert or an accidental poisoning of the water supply, look for the diversity hires (but be mindful of confirmation bias).

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We visited Maui the week before. My son (17) commented on the tall, very dry grass, on the sides of the mountains and in the plains. The signs were there, even us tourists noticed.

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Competence crisis across Europe also. Capable people are removed or chased away and replaced far less competent activist-types.

This incompetence is well rewarded and structurally necessary.

I worked for a big global institution.

It is possible that I was hired due to DEI. Too many white people (I am not one).

I was certainly incentivised to leave due to DEI. Not enough women (I am not one).

Now they regularly hire me back to deal with shitstorms of incompetence that endanger their core function.

Which is increasing the budget.

Functionally, all that matters raising money so they can hire more incompetent people to raise more money and so on until they own the world.

This is the Shirky principle in action.

“Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution.”

That’s how to get the resources to grow.

Incompetent people create more work for other incompetent people so it is fractal and now permanent. No election can fix it.

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